Johnny's Pet Services

Johnny's Dog Walking Services

Johnny's Team offers a range of dog walking options. We offer shorty potty breaks / drop-ins, standard 30 minutes walks as well as 45 and 1hr walks for our Husky type friends that need a little more time on the trail. 

Johnny's Dog & Cat Sitting Service

Johnny's Team is happy to keep an eye on your fur baby for extended periods of time too. We offer house sitting in your home as well as hosted options for well behaved canine friends. We can help out with your cat watching needs as well.  

Johnny's Clean Shoe Service (Weekly Poop Cleanups)

For about $10 per cleaning, "Johnny's Clean Shoe Service" will keep your yard, your shoes and your home free from the dreaded doggy doo doo.  

Simple Pricing based on number of dogs and number of cleanings per week.